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Established initially as a mailing list[1] for web designers in 1997, A List Apart has grown into a leading web publication. Its influential role in disseminating information and advocating for CSS design is well recognized. The platform, managed and published by Jeffrey Zeldman and Brian Platz, has experienced three substantial visual redesigns since its inception. From 2007 to 2011, A List Apart conducted an annual web design survey, collecting responses from tens of thousands of global participants on subjects such as salary, job satisfaction, and workplace discrimination. The magazine broadened its global footprint by launching international editions, beginning with an Arabic version in 2010, followed by an Italian edition.

Terms definitions
1. mailing list. A mailing list, utilized by individuals or companies to distribute messages to numerous recipients, consists of a compilation of email addresses. There are several kinds of mailing lists, such as announcement lists for advertising and newsletters, and discussion lists for interactive conversations. Mailing lists also find use in projects like Debian and Git. The subscription and unsubscription procedures to these lists are typically automated, although some may necessitate approval for joining. To guarantee precision and security, mailing lists implement tracking and safety protocols such as moderator approval and delivery time monitoring. Moreover, to ensure data deduplication and eliminate non-subscribed entities, listwashing is conducted. Over time, mailing lists have transitioned from academic tools to being broadly employed in various fields, including business and academia, with their archives providing invaluable historical references.
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