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Established by Yang Bo, Douban – also recognized as Beijing Douwang Technology Co. Ltd., is a prominent social networking platform in China. Since its inception on March 6, 2005, it has amassed 150 million registered users and 300 million monthly active users[1] by 2016. The platform, often compared to review sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, boasts 16.7 million book listings and 320 million film critiques. Expanding its reach, Douban has launched Lüzong, a travel-oriented site, and Douban Dongxi, an e-commerce platform. The platform, however, has encountered controversy over censorship concerns, such as the elimination of Renaissance art paintings, keyword prohibition, and accusations of skewed ratings. Nevertheless, Douban persists as a significant entity in the digital realm of China.

Terms definitions
1. active users. Active Users denotes individuals who interact with an online platform or application within a given timeframe. This concept is fundamental in diverse sectors such as business, academia, and research. In the business domain, active user metrics help forecast growth trajectories, customer involvement, and prospective revenue sources. Within academia and research, analyzing active user behavior aids in comprehending online behavioral trends. Ethical aspects surrounding active users highlight the significance of informed consent, data protection, and confidentiality in the digital sphere. Defining and precisely quantifying active users present technical hurdles due to diverse practices among various firms. Furthermore, data regarding active users is vital in predictive analytics and policy deliberations about technology usage and online security.
Douban (Wikipedia) (Chinese: 豆瓣; pinyin: Dòubàn), launched on 6 March 2005, is a Chinese online database and social networking service that allows registered users to record information and create content related to film, books, music, recent events, and activities in Chinese cities. Douban is named after a Hutong in Chaoyang District, Beijing where the founder lived while he began work on the website.

Type of site
Web 2.0, Social network service, Online music, movie and book database
Available inChinese
Key peopleYang Bo
LaunchedMarch 6, 2005; 19 years ago (2005-03-06)
Current statusActive

Douban was formerly open to both registered and unregistered users. For registered users, the website recommends potentially interesting books, movies, and music to them in addition to serving as a social network website such as WeChat, Weibo and record keeper. For unregistered users, the website is a place to find ratings and reviews of media.

Douban has about 200 million registered users as of 2013 and some Chinese authors as well as critics register their official personal pages on the site. The platform has been compared to other review sites such as IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Goodreads.

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