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Friendica, a decentralized social networking platform, values user privacy and freedom above all. It allows users to establish their own server for connection and offers seamless integration with other platforms like Twitter, Diaspora, and Mastodon. Serving as a publishing platform for blogs including WordPress and Tumblr, Friendica provides functionalities such as user tagging, direct messaging, and photo album creation. The platform’s development is volunteer-driven and its source code is available on GitHub[1]. It is distinguished for its comprehensive privacy settings, multiple profiles, and distinctive features. Friendica is compatible with clients like Friendiqa, Fedilab, and AndStatus, and is lauded as a stable platform and a viable alternative to centralized social networks.

Terms definitions
1. GitHub ( GitHub ) Primarily designed for developers, GitHub is a platform that facilitates the creation, storage, management, and sharing of code. Built upon Git software, it provides features such as version control, access control, and bug tracking. Since becoming a Microsoft subsidiary in 2018, GitHub has established itself as a premier host for open source software projects. As of January 2023, it boasts a vibrant community of over 100 million developers and is home to more than 420 million repositories. GitHub was conceived in 2008 by its four founders and initially operated as a flat organization, fostering autonomy, flexibility, and collaboration among its members. In addition to version control, GitHub also provides services such as task management, continuous integration, and support for project wikis. It is more than just a platform; it's a comprehensive suite of tools for software development.
Friendica (Wikipedia)

Friendica (formerly Friendika, originally Mistpark) is a free and open-source software distributed social network. It forms one part of the Fediverse, an interconnected and decentralized network of independently operated servers.

Original author(s)Mike Macgirvin
Developer(s)Friendica community
Initial releaseJuly 2010 (mistpark)
Stable release
2023.12 / December 24, 2023 (2023-12-24)
Written inPHP
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeSocial network service
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