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Imageboards, a unique form of internet forum[1], largely focus on visuals rather than text-based content. These platforms are divided into various forums or boards, each dedicated to a wide array of topics from current events to specialized interests. The ephemeral nature of imageboards is characterized by rapid deletion of threads to accommodate fresh content. Anonymity is a key feature of imageboards, facilitated by the use of tripcodes, eliminating the need for user registration. Tripcodes, essentially hashed passwords, provide user identification, with certain boards offering secure versions to prevent unauthorized cracking. Globally recognized imageboards include Dvach, 420chan, 4chan, and 8chan, among others. Some imageboards like Wizardchan, cater to specific demographics or interests, in this case, incel culture. The influence of imageboards in molding online culture is evident in the generation of memes and the promotion of anonymous group identities.

Terms definitions
1. internet forum. An internet forum is a digital platform crafted for communal discourse. Stemming from electronic bulletin boards and computer-based conferencing systems, forums adopt a tree-like structure, featuring categories, sub-forums, and threads. These web-based platforms accommodate user-generated messages, organized into dialogue threads. Unlike instant messages in chat rooms, forum posts are typically more extensive and can be stored for later reference. While posting on forums usually necessitates user registration, reading these posts is generally unrestricted. Forums span a wide array of subjects, from technology to entertainment, cultivating a virtual community among participants. Key figures within a forum include administrators, responsible for technical aspects and appointment of moderators, and moderators, overseeing discussions and addressing user issues. Forums also showcase specific behavioral patterns, such as open debates, disputes, trolling, and spamming. Technological features vary from file attachments and emoticons to private messaging and forum subscriptions. Forums can potentially face legal actions for defamation and harm, with distinct attributes and cultural usage variations across geographical boundaries.
Imageboard (Wikipedia)

An imageboard is a type of Internet forum that focuses on the posting of images, often alongside text and discussion. The first imageboards were created in Japan as an extension of the textboard concept. These sites later inspired the creation of a number of English-language imageboards.

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