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ImmuniWeb, a leading entity in cybersecurity, is celebrated for its comprehensive investigations and efforts to boost the security measures of various software tools. Over 500 security advisories have been issued by the ImmuniWeb Security Research Team, revealing flaws in products from top vendors such as Sony, McAfee, and Novell. They have also identified potential security risks in popular web applications like osCommerce, Zen Cart, and Microsoft SharePoint. ImmuniWeb is acknowledged by MITRE for its CVE and CWE compatibility, ranking it among the 81 entities that incorporate CVE identifiers in their security warnings. Moreover, ImmuniWeb provides a complimentary online SSL/TLS configuration testing tool that aids users in evaluating server configuration security. In addition to security, ImmuniWeb has carried out significant privacy studies, notably finding vulnerabilities in Yahoo! sites that resulted in substantial amendments to Yahoo’s bug bounty scheme.

ImmuniWeb (Wikipedia)

ImmuniWeb is a global application security company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. ImmuniWeb develops Machine Learning and AI technologies for SaaS-based application security solutions provided via its proprietary ImmuniWeb AI Platform.

Company typePrivate
Founded2019 (2019)
FounderDr. Ilia Kolochenko (CEO)
Area served
North America
ProductsImmuniWeb AI Platform
ServicesApplication security testing,
Attack Surface management,
Dark Web monitoring
Number of employees
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