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Microsoft Copilot, an advanced artificial intelligence[1] (AI) tool, was unveiled by Microsoft in March 2023. It flawlessly combines with Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 applications, boosting efficiency by aiding in multiple tasks. The AI tool’s impressive features are driven by the Microsoft Prometheus model and OpenAI’s GPT-4[2]. Moreover, Microsoft Graph is employed by Copilot to scrutinize user data and context, thereby enhancing user support. Microsoft also provides a superior version, named Microsoft Copilot Pro, equipped with high-end features like GPT-4 Turbo. With the launch of Copilot, Microsoft has made a notable stride in the realm of AI-driven productivity instruments, establishing it as a major contender in the industry. Despite a few ethical dilemmas and public image challenges, Microsoft Copilot has garnered positive reviews for its seamless integration and AI proficiency.

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1. artificial intelligence. The discipline of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a subset of computer science dedicated to developing systems capable of executing tasks usually requiring human intellect, such as reasoning, learning, planning, perception, and language comprehension. Drawing upon diverse fields such as psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and neuroscience, AI is instrumental in the creation of machine learning models and natural language processing systems. It also significantly contributes to the development of virtual assistants and affective computing systems. AI finds applications in numerous sectors like healthcare, industry, government, and education. However, it also brings up ethical and societal issues, thus requiring regulatory policies. With the advent of sophisticated techniques like deep learning and generative AI, the field continues to expand, opening up new avenues in various sectors.
2. GPT-4 ( GPT-4 ) GPT-4, the most recent iteration of OpenAI's Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) series, is the central subject of this passage. This expansive language model, rumored to contain 1.76 trillion parameters, has been engineered to boost creative writing, handle instructions efficiently, and even support multimodal functionality. Despite certain drawbacks like possible hallucinations and a lack of transparency, GPT-4's enhanced capabilities have been utilized in diverse fields such as healthcare and education. It's also been integrated into various software like ChatGPT Plus and a range of Microsoft's products. Nevertheless, the AI community has voiced criticisms over GPT-4's closed nature, mainly due to challenges in investigating its bias and safety.
Microsoft Copilot (Wikipedia)

Microsoft Copilot is a chatbot developed by Microsoft and launched on February 7, 2023. Based on a large language model, it is able to cite sources, create poems, and write songs. It is Microsoft's primary replacement for the discontinued Cortana.

Microsoft Copilot
Initial releaseFebruary 7, 2023; 14 months ago (2023-02-07)
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The service was introduced under the name Bing Chat, as a built-in feature for Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Edge. Over the course of 2023, Microsoft began to unify the Copilot branding across its various chatbot products. At its Build 2023 conference, Microsoft announced its plans to integrate Copilot into Windows 11, allowing users to access it directly through the taskbar. In January 2024, a dedicated Copilot key was announced for Windows keyboards.

Copilot utilizes the Microsoft Prometheus model, built upon OpenAI's GPT-4 foundational large language model, which in turn has been fine-tuned using both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques. The chatbot's conversational interface style resembles that of ChatGPT. Copilot is able to communicate in numerous languages and dialects.

Microsoft operates Copilot on a freemium model. It allows users on its free tier to access most features, while priority access to newer features, including custom chatbot creation, is provided to paid subscribers under the commercial name "Microsoft Copilot Pro". Several default chatbots are available in the free version of Microsoft Copilot, including the standard Copilot chatbot, and Microsoft Designer, which is oriented towards using its Image Creator to generate images based on text prompts.

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