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Launched initially on February 10, 2004, Flickr is a web-based application for managing and sharing photos. The brainchild of Ludicorp, a company established by Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, Flickr has undergone multiple ownership transitions, including being acquired by Yahoo!, Verizon Communications, and finally SmugMug. Flickr offers both free and premium account choices, each with different storage capacities and feature accessibilities. Users can categorize their photos into photostreams, collections, and albums, regulate their privacy preferences, and interact with fellow users via features such as commenting and tagging. Built on standard HTML[1] and HTTP functionalities, Flickr ensures cross-platform and browser compatibility. Despite its history being punctuated by controversies and policy changes, Flickr continues to be a prominent platform for photo sharing, offering an array of Creative Commons licenses.

Terms definitions
1. HTML ( HTML ) HTML, standing for HyperText Markup Language, is the bedrock of the modern internet. It was first introduced by Tim Berners-Lee in the 1980s and has seen numerous transformations and enhancements over the years. HTML is crucial for organizing web content, encompassing everything from the text we peruse to the multimedia we engage with. Different editions of HTML, including HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, and HTML 4.0, have been released throughout the years, each one improving and broadening the scope of its predecessor. The latest version, HTML5, was standardized in 2014 and brought with it a plethora of new features such as support for video and audio, local storage options, and additional semantic elements. HTML is also vital for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital accessibility.
Flickr (Wikipedia)

Flickr (/ˈflɪkər/ FLI-kər; pronunciation) is an image hosting and video hosting service, as well as an online community, founded in Canada and headquartered in the United States. It was created by Ludicorp in 2004 and was previously a common way for amateur and professional photographers to host high-resolution photos. It has changed ownership several times and has been owned by SmugMug since April 20, 2018.

A viewing page for a photograph hosted on Flickr in 2018
Type of site
Image and video hosting service
Available in
FoundedVancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2004; 20 years ago (2004)
Created byStewart Butterfield
Caterina Fake
ParentLudicorp (2004–2005)
Yahoo! Inc. (2005–2017)
Oath (2017–2018)
SmugMug (2018–present)
Users112 million
LaunchedFebruary 10, 2004; 20 years ago (2004-02-10)
Current statusActive
Written in

As of June 10, 2015, Flickr had a total of 112 million registered members and more than 3.5 million new images uploaded daily. On August 5, 2011, the site reported that it was hosting more than 6 billion images. Photos and videos can be accessed from Flickr without the need to register an account, but an account must be made to upload content to the site. Registering an account also allows users to create a profile page containing photos and videos that the user has uploaded and also grants the ability to add another Flickr user as a contact. For mobile users, Flickr has official mobile apps for iOS, Android, and an optimized mobile site.

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