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In the annals of internet[1] search engine history, Infoseek holds a significant position. It was initially launched as a paid service in January 1994, before transitioning to Infoseek Search in February 1995. Its popularity soared when it was integrated as the default search engine on Netscape Navigator. In June 1996, the company went public and was listed on Nasdaq at $12 per share. By September 1997, Infoseek boasted 7.3 million monthly users. Post its downfall, its Ultraseek Server software technology was acquired and rebranded as Inktomi Enterprise Search by Inktomi. Currently, the Infoseek brand is not active in North America, but it is still operational in Australia and Japan. The domain now points users to

Terms definitions
1. internet. The Internet, a global network of interconnected computer systems, utilizes standardized communication protocols, predominantly TCP/IP, to connect devices across the globe. The term 'Internet' has its roots in the 1849 term 'internetted' and was later adopted by the US War Department in 1945. The inception of the Internet can be traced back to the 1960s when computer scientists developed time-sharing systems, which eventually led to the creation of ARPANET in 1969. The Internet operates autonomously, without any central control, and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages its primary name spaces. It has revolutionized traditional communication methods and has seen an exponential growth, with the number of internet users growing by 20% to 50% every year. In 2019, more than half of the global population was using the Internet. The Internet protocol suite, comprising TCP/IP and four conceptual layers, directs internet packets to their intended destinations. Fundamental services such as email and Internet telephony function on the Internet. The World Wide Web, an extensive network of interconnected documents, serves as a crucial element of the Internet.
Infoseek (Wikipedia)

Infoseek (also known as the "big yellow") was an American internet search engine founded in 1994 by Steve Kirsch.

Type of site
Search engine
Area servedWorldwide
OwnerDisney Interactive
LaunchedJanuary 1994; 30 years ago (1994-01)
Current statusClosed as of 1999

Infoseek was originally operated by the Infoseek Corporation, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Infoseek was bought by The Walt Disney Company in 1999, and the technology was merged with that of the Disney-acquired Starwave to form the network.

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