International Data Group

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Established in 1964 by Patrick Joseph McGovern, International Data Group (IDG) is a renowned media, research, and events enterprise. IDG has emerged as a key influencer in the technology industry, catering to a diverse array of clients and audiences across the globe. The company has been the force behind numerous successful publications such as MacWorld and Computerworld, while also introducing trailblazing products and services, including advisory services and market intelligence via its IDC division. As a trailblazer in tech marketing, IDG has organized significant events like the IDG DEMO Conference and has crafted powerful advertising[1] instruments. Presently, IDG is a subsidiary of Blackstone Inc., persistently evolving and offering valuable content and insights for tech professionals and enthusiasts.

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1. advertising. Promoting a product or service through communication, also known as advertising, aims to inform or persuade a target audience. Its roots trace back to early civilizations where sales messages were inscribed on Egyptian papyrus, and wall murals were utilized for promotional purposes across ancient Asia, Africa, and South America. Over the centuries, advertising has adapted to technological advancements and the rise of mass media, transitioning from newspaper prints to audio-visual and digital platforms. The strategies employed in advertising vary, with some focusing on raising awareness or boosting sales, targeting different demographics at a local, national, or international level. Common methods encompass print, radio, web banners, and television commercials, among others. Modern advertising models have introduced innovative trends like guerrilla marketing and interactive advertisements. Women's contribution to advertising is significant, with their perspectives highly valued due to their influential purchasing power.

International Data Group (IDG, Inc.) is a market intelligence and demand generation company focused on the technology industry. IDG, Inc.'s mission is centered around supporting the technology industry through research, data, marketing technology, and insights that help create and sustain relationships between businesses.

International Data Group
Founded1964; 60 years ago (1964)
FoundersPatrick Joseph McGovern
Area served
OwnerBlackstone Inc.

IDG, Inc. is wholly owned by Blackstone and is led by Genevieve Juillard, who was appointed CEO of the company in 2023. Juillard serves on IDG, Inc.'s leadership team along with IDC President Crawford Del Prete and IDG, Inc.'s Chief Financial Officer Tiziana Figliolia.

IDG, Inc. is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts and is parent company to both International Data Corporation (IDC) and Foundry (formerly IDG Communications).

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