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Meta’s Portal, a collection of intelligent display gadgets, is the primary focus of this text, developed by the tech giant. The Portal’s initial launch in 2018 saw the introduction of a 10.1-inch device, accompanied by its larger counterpart, the 15.6-inch Portal+. The Portal family grew with the arrival of Portal Mini, Portal TV, and Portal Go in 2019 and 2021. Despite its evolution, Meta declared its intention to cease the consumer-oriented side of Portal in 2022. Every device incorporates privacy measures such as a camera cover and audio recording only upon command. Nevertheless, there have been issues raised regarding privacy and the use of data for personalized advertising[1]. The reception towards Portal devices has been diverse, with a range of reviews and some debate. The news media has extensively reported on the inception and progression of Portal.

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1. advertising. Promoting a product or service through communication, also known as advertising, aims to inform or persuade a target audience. Its roots trace back to early civilizations where sales messages were inscribed on Egyptian papyrus, and wall murals were utilized for promotional purposes across ancient Asia, Africa, and South America. Over the centuries, advertising has adapted to technological advancements and the rise of mass media, transitioning from newspaper prints to audio-visual and digital platforms. The strategies employed in advertising vary, with some focusing on raising awareness or boosting sales, targeting different demographics at a local, national, or international level. Common methods encompass print, radio, web banners, and television commercials, among others. Modern advertising models have introduced innovative trends like guerrilla marketing and interactive advertisements. Women's contribution to advertising is significant, with their perspectives highly valued due to their influential purchasing power.
Meta Portal (Wikipedia)

Meta Portal (also known as Portal) is a discontinued brand of smart displays and videophones released in 2018 by Meta. The product line consists of four models: Portal, Portal+, Portal TV, and Portal Go. These models provide video chat via Messenger and WhatsApp, augmented by a camera that can automatically zoom and track people's movements. The devices are integrated with Amazon's voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa.

Meta Portal
Main page of the English Wikipedia displayed on a Meta Portal Mini
DeveloperMeta Platforms
ManufacturerMeta Platforms
TypeSmart display
Release dateNovember 8, 2018; 5 years ago (2018-11-08)
Operating systemAndroid-based
InputVoice commands

Reviewers rated the Portal line's video and audio handling capabilities positively, but criticized Facebook's privacy practices for commercial use of data that Portal devices captured. Meta uses some data collected from Portal devices for targeted advertising, which reviewers cited as a privacy drawback.

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