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Top 5 Ways You Can Use Your Social Media Management Tool to Grow Your Business

Do you know that there are about a billion social media users who look for solutions to manage their social media publishing? Just search the term social media management tool and you’ll realize that it’s a serious business to get smart with social media management and keep up with its fast-paced, growing demands. In fact, a recent survey reveals that 95% of online users would choose to follow brands they find in social media. Facebook[2] recently announced that 83% of business owners get 90% more profits in 2018 when they expanded their social media campaigns.

If you want to impact the masses, there’s only one way to do it in this digital age, through social media. But wait, your competition is also doing it. So, how do you stand out with all the noise and clutter around the online universe? You need to tap the power of social media management tools and gain mastery in using them so you can take your social posting to the max. 

Here are five important things that you need to be actively doing in your social media channels if you ever want your target market to recognize you, instead of other brands. With the help of your SMM tool, anything is possible for your results.

1. Bring your social publishing up a notch.

Greet and catch up with your customers on a regular basis on a personal level approach through your daily social publishing.

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Your clients and customers recognize your brand through your social presence. Do they always see you in at least the top social networks? Whatever it is that you convey in your posts, what still matters is the fact that they see your name frequently in social platforms where they hang out. That way, they recognize you and get more familiar with who you are and what you do. Now you’re no longer a stranger, and given the time, they will show trust to you when you launch a new product or offer a service.

What can you post?

Create posts that matter to your followers. Do it daily. Post messages in themes. Interact with them, inspire them, teach new ways that will help improve their lives, share valuable articles about your topic, allow them to download a practical guide that solves their problem.

Now that you’re an SMM tool user, you already know that you can do this work once a week or a month, or as your schedule allows you to, and yet post daily. Thanks to the technological wonders of automation.

With your SMM tool, you can schedule posts ahead of time. And if you need to be away for a certain period, don’t worry, you can still stay active in your social media channels every day. No gaps necessary. You can even repost your most popular posts automatically. You can check the metrics reported to you by your software and learn how your social media activities are doing.

To be most effective, make sure that you track each and every post, including the links and interaction that happen through that message. Does your SMM tool do this? If not, you are missing a lot of information on delivering a rockstar quality of service to your audience. It doesn’t have to be that way, find the tool that will help you do this and get on with it in each of your social publishing.

2. Make your customers the heroes of your brand by integrating user-generated content (UGC) in your social campaigns.

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UGCs are a great way to keep your audience engaged and happy, as you ask them to participate by submitting content whether it’s a video, photo or text. It makes them feel that what they have to give is important, as the process itself imparts connectedness within your community. UGCs spark intimate conversations within a group of people that no other type of content can. Good for you, they spend more time on your website and social media platforms showing a lot of love to your brand. 

As a result, both your followers and the search engine trust you more. Your chances to get high up in the ranks in search results and, chances of being found on the web when someone looks up your product or service, become greater. UGCs not only advocates your business but also endorses it all over the web. All that for free.

Integrating UGCs to any of your digital marketing[1] campaigns shouldn’t cost you sweat if you’re using the right social media management tool. With only a few clicks, you should be able to create and launch beautiful contests, sweepstakes or referral rewards campaigns that motivate your participants to record videos, take photos and share stories. Let it create a maximum impact when you take your UGCs to your social media posts and website pages. Your SMM tool should help you do all this without fail. The only part that’s left for you to perform is, generating new ideas for the type of UGC campaign that you want to run. If not, you may be squandering valuable time and, may need to reconsider the tool that you’re using. 

What user-generated content can you run in your marketing campaigns?

Here are two ideas.

Video testimonials done by real clients and customers are the best influencers to buying decisions of consumers. Adweek surveys says that 85% of users are more influenced by UGCs than those content made by brands. If you let your customers do the talking through video testimonials, it impacts more people like them. Thanks to your brand ambassadors. 

Photo campaigns are effective in showing the public how they are using and enjoying your product. It could be an office executive wearing your brand of clothing, or a dad showing his own version of your DIY product, or a group of friends laughing together as they sip your brand of artisan tea. Photos paint a thousand words that make such campaigns work!

3. Launch social media campaigns that rock your customers’ attention.

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Engaging social media campaigns are the difference-maker between accomplished brands versus mediocre ones. Being in this business, we all know that it’s all about them. One important way to satisfy your market needs is to find out their pains and create campaigns that help them in that area. For example, for Airbnb to show their potential customers that it’s just wise to choose them as host in for a destination place when traveling, they created Facebook live campaigns that featured videos of interesting activities that you can do in different cities around the world. This campaign was a big hit because it captured the hearts of viewers by showing them the experiences they could have in those specific cities. Who wouldn’t? When you see such adventures live in action through videos, it activates those same desires. And if you’re a traveler, you might just consider Airbnb in your next stop in a foreign land. Incorporating videos and images in your social media campaigns are proven to bring high returns. 

When you implement a coordinated marketing effort that targets a business goal, what else could be the result to expect? It’s either a big boost in website traffic, more engaged audience who wants to transact with you, more brand awareness, it’s simply an epic boost to brand loyalty. Since people become more familiar with your products, services or your company, they trust you more. You’re no longer a stranger that they try to avoid but have become a familiar face whom they would want to go to. Ultimately, social media campaigns are a great way to drive sales.

With the help of your social media tool, you can launch rockstar-quality social campaigns within a few clicks and, even without the help of a website developer. You can kick off this type of campaigns in your own website, mobile and social media channels. If you encounter technical hurdles as you do this, your social tool may not be that efficient in helping you achieve your business goals. Make sure you’re using the right one!

What kind of social media campaigns will most benefit your business?

There are a number of campaigns that you can create and launch right now which can help you in your business depending on your needs. Do you need more buyers for your products? Why not launch a photo contest campaign that shows your clients together with your products. Another great idea is to start a refer-a-friend campaign that rewards your customers whenever they share your products or services, and their friends avail. Do you need to increase brand awareness? Why not start an essay contest campaign that allows your audience to share stories in a creative written text format, and have the community vote for the best prose. People would be curious reading what they have to say, like how they read the latest celebrity news. There’s a ton of things you can do with this, like launching a weekly giveaway and weekly deals, and many more!

4. Get hold of deep insights on who your champion influencers are through simple share buttons so you know who to pay attention to.

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When you have wowed your clients or customers with your amazing services or products, they easily become a fan who’s willing to share what you do to their own tribes. But how do you amplify such action so it happens on a regular basis? 

That’s how share buttons function. Whenever people use the share buttons you provide on your social posts, website or in mobile, every share gets tracked. The most active fan who’s unstoppable in social sharing will be flagged in your monitoring tool, called the social CRM. These are your top advocates who are major players in spreading the word out about your business. When you know who they are, then you can reward them and reach out to them. This simple process is very effective in motivating them to do more of what they are already doing.

The right social tools can help you do just that. Not only can you track the shares they did, but you can also view the actual posts in their social channels. It’s a great way to gain quick insights on what’s going on with your social campaigns. It saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on the most high-returning tasks of your business. That means, giving a boost to these influencers because they bring you a significant number of leads, traffic or sales. I don’t know about you, but this feature alone can bring life-changing profits. You never have to work alone promoting your own products. Take good care of your advocates and they will take good care of your business.

Where is the perfect place to put your share buttons?

Everywhere where there’s content! Have you got videos and images on your page? Do you have a website page with valuable info that’s worth knowing about? What about links to your white paper and short reports? These are just a few locations where you need to put your share buttons to make it quick and easy for your audience to share your content.

To add share buttons, you simply have to use your SMM tool to put them on the perfect spot where they should be. To make them more attractive for clicking, you should be able to customize them with the right icons, look and feel, and a great default text, so your page viewers wouldn’t even have to think about doing it. Go ahead, enhance your content pages and make them perform more for your business. 

5. Know your social ROI from all the activities mentioned above and learn how you’re actually performing in your social media marketing efforts.

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If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. If you can’t manage it, you can’t improve it. Don’t let your social media efforts be put to waste by not knowing how they’re performing in your marketing strategies. Know thy social ROI. Measuring the metrics that are directly related to business success doesn’t need to be a guessing game. By defining what success actually means in what you do, and assigning metrics that best describe those attributes, it can then be measured.

It could be any number related to leads, website visitors, sign-ups, clicks, downloads or sales. Whatever it is, any metrics you use to measure what’s important for your current business goal will give you an idea whether all the efforts and resources you invest are paying off or not. Social tools that let you count these metrics accurately, work best to give you timely feedback which you can use to evaluate your marketing actions and plan the best way to succeed. 

What can you do now to measure your social ROI?

Identify your top-performing social posts. Determine your most effective social campaigns. Zero-in on your social media influencers who has the most shares on your social content. Find out how much revenue, leads and site visitors they’ve brought to your business. Pinpoint which of your social strategies actually brought money to the table. Know which devices are most effective for your campaigns for more effective targeting. Get all these data and analytics provided for you on a report. 

Then you’d know exactly what the next wise step for your business is. With all this information in front of you, all you have to do is to use them to your advantage. No one else has this high level of marketing insights for each of your activities, and that of your influencers. If you know what works well for your market, then you can repeat that action and elevate for more impact. If it’s not bringing any good return, what’s the point of continuing? Maybe you need to stop or modify into something else that better suits your followers. Where else can you get these valuable details? Your social media platform should be able to help you better your social media strategies so you can win in your industry. Are you winning? If not, you need to seriously consider the tools you’re using.

Improve Social ROI With Your SMM Tool

like hootsuite

If social media management is a full-time gig for you, the more you need to leverage on SMM tools so you can do more with less time. You’ll be able to focus your energy on things that matter most to grow your business, like strategizing, market analysis and developing powerful content that converts leads into paying clients.

If you can manage a myriad of social accounts and campaigns over a single dashboard, will it not save you a ton of money and time? You can even set-up an approval workflow if you have other users working with you.  You can skyrocket your productivity when it comes to social posting, running social media campaigns, managing your influencers and tracking your own social roi so you are intentionally targeting only the winning strategies.

It’s time to give your brand a social media marketing makeover by simplifying all the social tactics that you need to perform. With the help of a social media management platform that’s proven to work,  it’s like having a team of marketers that work with you to accomplish business goals but with the price of only a single software. Don’t just believe it, test it. If you’re ready to give it a shot, you can join the other thousands of teams and agencies who decided to get smart with their social.

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Terms definitions
1. digital marketing. Digital marketing, a broad term, refers to the utilization of digital platforms, predominantly the Internet, for the advertisement of products or services. Its roots can be traced back to the 1990s, marking key events such as the first clickable banner ad and the emergence of marketing automation. Fundamental tactics in digital marketing encompass SEO, SEM, content marketing, and social media marketing. It plays a crucial role in enhancing brand recognition, influencing consumer behavior, and guiding their choices. Despite hurdles such as privacy issues and the necessity for platform adaptation, novel tactics like data-driven marketing and retargeting continue to progress. This marketing technique also promotes the engagement of influencers and digital channels to amplify brand visibility and interact effectively with consumers. Nowadays, digital marketing extends beyond merely selling products; it's about carving out a distinctive brand persona and fostering a robust bond with the audience.
2. Facebook ( Facebook ) Meta Platforms, previously known as Facebook, is a prominent internet corporation that originated as a social networking site. The brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Meta Platforms swiftly spread from Harvard to other educational institutions, eventually reaching the wider public and becoming a global sensation. Its appealing user interface and diverse features such as Groups, the Developer Platform, and Meta Platforms Dating are well-known. Despite encountering backlash over matters like privacy violations and the proliferation of misinformation, Meta Platforms continues to hold a strong position in the digital sphere. It has made remarkable progress in the realm of technology, including the creation of its distinctive data storage system, the employment of PHP for its platform, and the introduction of the Hack programming language. In the past few years, the company has pivoted its attention towards the metaverse, a virtual reality domain where users can engage with a digitally-created environment.

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