Sociamonials Case Study

Viral Sweepstakes Case Study

Dimitar Nikolov

“Sociamonials is making me money because I’m giving my clients great value. I’m generating leads, and I’m able to show them everything with the reports. It’s saving money because I don’t need to use different softwares to run contests.

Viral Sweepstakes Case Study

Dimitar Nikolov

CEO, Triad Media


Dimitar, the owner of Triad Multimedia, had one more shot at this.

Previous attempts at using sweepstakes to drive ticket sales for his client, a theme park in the midwest, hadn’t gone well. But he knew it was possible to make this work, so he had to give it another chance.

The software they were using for viral contests was expensive and difficult to use. It also required a lot of effort for the entrants to participate, which caused them to be discouraged from joining. Even the ones who joined weren’t sharing enough to give it that viral effect that he needed to make it a financial success.

Because he was using a number of different tools to create, promote and manage the sweepstakes, it was difficult to maintain GDPR and Facebook TOS compliance and generate accurate reports for the client.

The client was counting on him to build a marketing list, promote an event, and grow social media followers and subscribers. Oh yeah, and they only gave him $400 to spend on ads!

With email or SMS campaigns, I was collecting very little information, and The contests were not Viral at all. With the Ambassadors app we got in too much trouble because people needed to download and Install an app on their phone and it was one more extra step for them.

THE Solution

Dimitar took a chance on a new type of social media contest called a Viral Sweepstakes, where the participants are encouraged to share a link back to the contest website and perform other actions to earn bonus entries with the hope of beating out other participants for the big prize.

Sociamonials was chosen to create, promote and manage the Viral Sweepstakes. Dimitar was delighted to find that this social tool that had all the features he was looking for and yet it wasn’t complicated to use especially for his campaign entrants.

He promoted the sweepstakes with organic social media and paid ads on Facebook and Instagram with a modest $400 budget. No other paid advertising was used.

Here’s how Dimitar used Sociamonials to launch, promote and manage the campaign

  1. He selected a Sociamonials campaign template suited for his goal and customized it for his audience.
  2. He set up automated emails for Sociamonials to send out to participants to encourage sharing.
  3. To build the client’s social following, he offered a number of bonus entry opportunities, like following the client on Instagram, TikTok and other networks.
  4. He installed the Sociamonials pixel on the client’s website to automatically track & optimize conversions
  5. To generate traffic to the campaign, he ran Facebook and Instagram ads to the target audience with a $400 budget.

Here is a list of the bonus actions that he added to the campaign that added so much additional value to the client


Follow us on Facebook for 20 entries


Report this on Instagram for 20 entries


Subscribe to our Youtube channel for 10 entries

Video on Youtube

Watch this video on Youtube for 10 entries

Comment & Thumbs Up this Video

Comment & Thumbs Up this Video for 10 entries

Post and tag us on Instagram

Post and tag us on Instagram for 10 entries


Follow us on TikTok for 20 entries

The Prize was 2 Free Tickets to the theme park.


THE Result

He pulled it off and the client was thrilled

In under 30 days, the campaign generated over 1k email subscribers, over 1k SMS subscribers and 1k followers from 3 social networks. Results started coming in the first day, here are the details:

Value Customers


in Lifetime Value from the new customers

Campaign Views



Campaign Submission



Referred Visits



Instagram Followers


New Instagram

Youtube Subscribers


New Youtube

Email Subscribers


New Email

SMS Subscribers



TikTok Signup


New Tiktok

With Sociamonials, I didn’t need to download the entrants and upload to some randomizer to select winners. Also, I could schedule posts to all Facebook pages, Facebook Groups and Instagram profiles from one dashboard, and track the results from te posts.

About The Agency

About the Agency

Triad Multimedia is dedicated to helping small businesses of different industries to generate leads and revenue, particularly those who are in the Events and Local Business industry.

If you want Triad Multimedia to design and launch a Viral Sweepstakes or any other marketing for your business, please visit their website to learn more and connect with the owner, Dimitar

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